Tuesday, June 2

don't send a boy

Yesterday on my list was the task of beginning the clothing changeover for the new season. Typically it's a task already completed by June, however this continuing cold weather has delayed it a bit.

Last year's summer clothing is kept in the girls closet which makes it easy to pull out and see if it still fits. However, since my grands are here, I also wanted to check to see what was in storage for them.

Finding the boxes up in the garage attic is typically the job of one of my older sons. But as it was a cool day, I decided to climb up there myself and take a look because it had been awhile since I had been up there.

Good thing I did!

I KNEW that I had been missing clothes for my older ones!

There were several boxes that were filled with clothes and shoes for the girls. Yet every time I had checked with my sons as I sent them up into the attic, they said they didn't see anything for the girls in the range of sizes I was needing.

When will I ever learn that males in general - although I recognize there may be exceptions to this rule but they obviously have never lived in my house - cannot see things right in front of their eyes?!

Soooo, we ended up with quite a girls fashion show and I still have clothes to continue sorting through today. Hopefully I will get through this task today as it is a task that tends to put me a little over the cliff! Yikes!

And always remember, if you REALLY need to find something, go look for it yourself!

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Kim said...

I also find the clothing changeover a daunting task. Sounds as though the fashion show made it a bit more palatable this time. And yes, I have two boys ages 8 and 6 years young who have a difficult time finding the shoes on their feet sometimes. Wonder if there is a way to cultivate that type of awareness in males?

Tina said...

Oooooo. . . How fun . . I love going through "new" clothes :)

mom said...

I wish you success, Kim! My boys never cared much about the clothes thing and most of them would wear whatever mom put in their drawer.

I'm sure you can picture where those girls were holding their fashion show, Tina! :-)

theArthurClan said...

AMEN!!! lol!

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