Monday, June 15

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Yesterday our fifth child took some new steps as he launched off on a mission trip. The first leg of the journey began at church where the mission team leaders, students, and parents met for the official send-off.

The blue bus was loaded full of their bags each weighing less than fifty pounds - hopefully! - and off they went for about a five hour journey to stay by the airport where they will be flying out this morning.

This son is following in the footsteps of his four older siblings who all went to Mexico sometime during their high school years. His older siblings have also traveled on mission trips to Peru, Brazil, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea.

With each trip comes a story of adventure as the Lord stretches and grows each traveler. And with each trip mom and dad stretch and grow as well for often our only contact is through prayer while they are away from home.

Through the years I've learned about key areas to pray for them and their team:

*For travel mercies - there's been plenty of tales of broken down buses and vans, delayed flights, and wild honking drivers in foreign cities.

*For health - ahhh, good old travelers diarrhea, headaches from dehydration, cuts on building sites, and even a bleeding ulcer with one of our sons upon his return.

*For team unity - a large group of teens with various personalities can be challenging to keep in peaceful relations especially on longer trips where their best traits fade and the worst comes out.

*For safety - especially on outings in strange territory as I remember near drownings off the coast of Peru one summer.

*For spiritual boldness and protection - sharing God's love with those who have never heard of Jesus has risks when working in enemy territory.

*For stamina - these trips require a lot of constant energy for students and leaders during the day and they need restful sleep at night.

*For character trait growth - these trips often stretch youth to develop compassion, kindness, love, forgiveness, and humility in ways that wouldn't happen at home.

*For processing - there's always a reflective period of time after the trip that requires quiet time as well as talking through things with others.

As we countdown the days until our son's return, we will be prayerfully thinking of him and his fellow team members.

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Karen said...

praying for him as well...

mom said...

Thanks, Karen!

Kim said...

I will keep your family and your son in my prayers for this mission trip. Excited for a fruitful trip.

mom said...

Thanks, Kim! I'm excited, too, to see what God will do with this team :-)

Anonymous said...

Saying a prayer for your son. These trips are indeed life changing. My oldest has been to Guatemala twice, and leaves for Kenya in July. I hope it is a wonderful experience for your son, as well as safe, healthy, and God honoring.

I am posting as anonymous, because for some reason it won't take my password today.

mom said...

Thanks, Letitia! And do remind me when your daughter leaves and I'll pray for her, too!

Ya, somedays I don't know what Blogger is up to...grrrrrrr...

theArthurClan said...

How wonderful that you allow your children to participate in their opportunities to share their faith and help others. I truly hope and pray that my children will participate when they reach their teenage years. I can't even imagine the impact it must make.

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