Monday, June 22

grand opening

What could be more spectacular for the first day of summer than the grand opening of the peonies! The white peony bushes are loaded with opening buds while the pink peony bushes are still thinking about it a bit.
I cut my first bouquet and set it on the porch hoping the critters would all climb out before I brought them in to set on the kitchen table.

Yup, those critters....the ants!

Although I had admired my grandma's peonies which then became my mom's peonies, I had never paid close attention to them until they became my peonies. And I began to began to panic when the bush was covered with ants. When I sent out an S.O.S. to a group of friends, one friend responded to me gently between her laughter that I should do absolutely NOTHING to those ants because they were the friends who were opening up my peony buds for me.

Ah, yes! The scent of peonies freshly picked after the sprinkling of a rain cloud. Could anything be more wonderful on an early summer day?

Enjoy the first summer days in your garden!

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Anonymous said...

ok. we just left the rectory which had glorious pink peonies - i never grew up with them - but the ants drove me CRAZY. 'shake out the flower before you bring it in!!!'

what do the ants do to open them?!?! gardening 101 i'm sure, but hey, they're not bees. What's their job??

Heasleye said...

Oh, I do love peonies, but I don't have any of my own yet. I didn't know about the ants! Hmm...maybe I'll just enjoy other people's peonies! :)

Courtney Ortiz said...

I love the peonies. Unfortunately they're not native to South Florida, except from the florist

mom said...

Back when I had researched it, apparently the buds have a sweet waxy coating that the ants LOVE! Some sources said it didn't have anything to do with the flowers opening; other sources thought it did and the ants contributed to pollination.

My gardening 101 thoughts? I KNOW that God is an awesome Creator and Designer and everything happens for a reason, including sweet waxy coatings on the buds of this particular plant that lures ants to it for a purpose :-)

I never thought about peonies being more of a regional plant. I'm glad they are found in my region!

Amy said...

I have special Peony memories as well.

When I was little, I remember playing with the Peony flowers that were my grandfather's, and being surprised by the myriad of ants that crawled out and all over me! I became frightened of theme for a long time since.

However, my brother's girlfriend surprised me last year by dropping off a beautiful Peony bouquette in my kitchen, and I fell in love! They are truly a very beautiful flower!


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