Thursday, June 11

harvesting remembrance

The thing I think I like least about this season of life is that it takes my mommy brain which has already been stretched by a houseful of children and totally eliminates whatever short term memory space I have left.

So it is with sorrow that I read this verse:

"I will delight in your statutes; I will not forget your word." ~ Psalm 119:16

Oh yes, I do delight in God's statutes. It's the second part of the verse that is so difficult :::sigh::: It's getting harder and harder to remember where I've read something in God's Word. Fortunately I can usually find the general area and after much effort find what I'm looking for, but it's still a struggle.

Add to that a Bible that is literally falling apart. It needs to be replaced, but the thought of a new Bible is almost intimidating when I consider starting over and losing all my underlinings, markings, and notes from my old best friend Bible.

The positive thing with this season of life is recognizing how important Scripture verse memorization is when you are young and your brain is so receptive. Those verses will get lodged into your long term memory base never to go away! How important it is to get kids into God's Word and memorize verses which will come back to them when they need them.

The other positive thing I found when pondering this verse is that when I checked my comparative study Bible the end of the verse in the New International Version read like this - "....I will not neglect your word." YES! I CAN do that part. I can be in God's Word on a regular basis and immerse myself in each verse and word. If I'm not neglecting His Word then I have an opportunity to remember it better, right? Not neglecting and not forgetting work hand in hand, don't they?

May you not neglect or forget God's Word in your garden for God will faithfully provide a fruitful harvest of remembrance!

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Allison said...

I never memorized verses as a child, so I'm making up for that the best I can. A mentor blessed me with a big stack of laminated index cards on which she chose dozens of her favorites. I like to grab a few at random and read when on the travel, struck in traffic, etc. So often, the cards I randomly chose have a very specific message pertaining to what I really need at the time :)

Karen said...

as a totally random thought (coming from a totally random brain), if you have a LifeWay near you, they can send your Bible off to be rebound. It's cheaper to buy a new one, but there's something to be said about a lifetime of notes and memories. (I recently had a woman bring her Bible in to be rebound. It was her daughter's Bible and when she died, her mom started using it because it had her daughter's notes in it. It was almost like spending time with her in the Word. She was in tears as I sent it off but when it comes back, she'll have it for years to come.) Anyway, if the randomness of this doesn't make sense, blame the pain meds. I had a little cancer removal surgery today and I'm not quite myself. Maybe. =D


Chris Worthy said...

I can't remember what I had for dinner last night. :) Since I work at the computer and do a lot of homeschooling stuff here, too, I have found that reading the Bible online at has become a great resource. I love having so many different translations available.

Have a wonderful weekend,


mom said...

Great ideas for getting God's Word into us even when life may be busy!

Karen, I'm not aware of a Lifeway around here. I'll have to check with the local Christian bookstore and see if they have any recommendations.

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