Wednesday, June 17

a lily chorus

One of my favorite scented sights is a chorus of Lilies of the Valley!

I think perhaps they are my favorite flower - okay, I realize I say that A LOT about this flower or that flower - but I do truly adore them and their sweet singing season is so short.

For years I wore a perfume called Muquet? does that sound right? which was a Lily of the Valley scent. Mmmmmmm!

And once again I could not resist the scent and picked several stems of tender white bells to fit into a vase for my room.

All I can say is HALLELUJAH!

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Karen said...

we are overwhelmed with lilies at our house as well. stargazer lilies, water lilies, and daylilies abound. I put a few pictures up if you want to take a look. (I love lily of the valley as well but Josh is not a fan. Something about smelling like Avon hand cream or some such nonsense.)

mom said...

LOL, Karen! Yes, I suppose the scent is strong enough to be AVON!

theArthurClan said...

This post reminded me so much of growing up at our old childhood home. My mom had an abundance of these right next to our front door.

Thank you for a little walk down memory lane!

P.S. I'm finally back to blogging and am enjoying catching up on your stories and writings. :)

stephseef said...

love these LOVE THESE. they remind me of my dad's yard... the whole west side of the house was LOTV. he brought a car trunk full of 'em to our seminary housing for us to plant. it was a touch of home!!

missing you. digging out from under cardboard. hope to connect soon!!

mom said...

Lilies of the valley are a memory provoker, aren't they? I'm glad it's a good memory!

Good to see you, Angie! :-) It has been a busy time, hasn't it? I'm way behind on my usual blog stops.

And Steph! YAY! You've landed! :-)

Tammy ~@~

Mrs. E. said...

I Love, love, LOVE your new profile picture! Creative shot.
Happy Thursday!

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