Monday, June 29

monday ramblings

Although the simple woman's daybook is on hiatus through the summer, it certainly did a mighty fine job of organizing my thoughts on a Monday morning. Instead I'm left with many ramblings on my mind and no clear focus. So, here's a number of topics I could easily expand on this morning, but won't...LOL!

*All the things my son has shared about his experience on the mission trip to Mexico. He's always been a sharp observer and his insights are fascinating. He did come back not feeling well - bad sunburn at the end and congestion - so you prayers are appreciated!

*The difficulties with friendship that come up with my kids. 'Nuff said.

*The temperature drop of THIRTY degrees from a week ago and the fact it'll stay like this for a few days. Hey, if we keep getting some rain with this cold, I'm okay with that.

*The delight my husband no doubt has now that the kids are home which means I'll start cooking again this week! LOL!

*The challenge of figuring out what is wrong with our German shepherd. My husband took him to the vet on Saturday, but I need to follow-up today on the cost of x-rays and the sedation needed to even take the x-rays. Apparently the pooch wasn't very cooperative at the vet visit :::sigh:::

*The conversation at Curves this morning about how woman our age have enjoyed the movie Mamma Mia and the younger generation hasn't.

*The whole Michael Jackson thing and how my heart grieves mainly for the obvious lost and lonely spiritual condition he lived with all this life.

*The heating up of global conflicts and the fact that I have a son close to finishing up basic training.

*The glimpse out my window of my pink peonies almost opening!

*The excitement of continuing work on a baby quilt! I just need to find my cross stitch notes for the block I put on the back of the quilt. Where, oh where, could they be as they aren't in the file I always stick this kind of stuff?!

*The ways I'm watching God move right now in lives around me.

*The chair that my son-in-law picked up for free at a garage sale. Every time I envision it with its springs hanging out the bottom, I start laughing out loud! I know his shopping drives my daughter crazy, but it is an endearing thing about him as he definitely finds the most unique things available.

*My son has a double header baseball game tonight in this rainy cold weather which is something I may have to avoid attending. He did get his picture in the paper last week while batting so that was cool.

AND I think I've rambled enough for this Monday. Time to leave my desk and get busy as my list is long for things I want to accomplish in June....and I only have two days to do them!

Enjoy the last Monday of June in your garden!

Tammy ~@~

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