Saturday, June 27

pleasing petunias

"Simple days bring simple joys..." ~ Emily Lawless

My day will be spent by leaving early morning to travel to my oldest daughter's home where I look forward to visiting for a bit. There's a possibility that my son, who is staying at college to work this summer, will also be able to drive over with his girlfriend to visit a bit, too. Then it will be back on the road with my three daughters who should be very tired after these days of being so very busy with their favorite sister. At least I hope they will be tired and nap a bit as I'm not certain my well rested ears can handle all their chatter so soon!

It should be a simple summer day filled with simple joy. How about you? Any special summer plans for your weekend?


Tammy ~@~

P.S. This was suppose to post early this morning about the time I left the house and I see it never did. Hmmmm, interesting! I just got back home safe and sound with three very tired girls...and one very tired mama! I just talked to my husband who drove down to the airport to pick up the mission team and the flight is an hour late, so they will probably get back here in the wee hours :::yawn::: It will be nice to have everyone back under our roof!


theArthurClan said...

We are spending our weekend (hopefully) getting over "The Great Sickness." It's hit our family hard and we will be so glad to see it gone already! Boo - this isn't supposed to happen in the summer. :(

Sounds like your weekend was a little more enjoyable than mine. :)

Dot O said...

Tammy, I'm glad you had an enjoyable trip to see your family. I'm so behind in blog visiting but I sort of took a break this weekend.

Now, we are headed right back into the work week! Yikes!!

mom said...

Ohhh, Angie, I do hope you ALL are feeling better! It is NO fun feeling sick in the summer :::sigh:::

Dot! Good to see you :-)

Letitia said...

Thanks for your encouragement. I actually thought of you when I was writing that, as you are one of my few blog friends who has children who have left home. I have had a hard time this past week, grieving her leaving for good.

Glad you were able to visit your daughter. How far away does she live?

My unexpected weekend? I left Marissa 2 hours away at her grandparents house on Friday. Sat. night at 9:45, I had to drive back over alone, because she was running a high fever and throwing up. : ( Doing better today.

devita said...

wow! It's good to spend time with your children. and those are beautiful Petunias!

mom said...

{{{Letitia}}} It is a bittersweet time, isn't it? Excited for the life ahead of them, yet missing their presence in your household.

My daughter lives about four hours away which I am very thankful for as it is driveable.

Sorry to hear you have illness in your household, too! I hope it doesn't spread...

I do love petunias...they are a simple happy kind of flower :-)

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