Friday, June 26

quiet double time

Time passes quickly....especially when it's quiet.

Here's the scenario. Five kids living at home. Minus one who is on a mission trip to Mexico. Minus one who has been working with Dad this week and is only home in the evenings between evening baseball games or hanging out with his best friend. Minus three who went home with their oldest sister on Monday.

That leaves ZERO kids home.

Can you imagine?

It has been a rare unexpected treasure! I cannot remember the last time I had such a stretch of quiet house time. My husband will sometimes take the kids and do something with them all, but it's usually only a few hours at a time.

Now I can't say that I've had every moment home and to myself. There's been an appointment at the bank, volunteering at the pregnancy resource center for a day, meeting with an expectant couple, making lunches, picking up my husband when he drops equipment off, hand watering the garden and all my flowers, running general errands....BUT, there's been some quality quiet time around my house this past week that has been simply mahhhhhvelous!

I am thankful that I've had this time to talk to the Lord, keep a clean house (!), and spend quantity time doing one of my favorite things in the on a quilt. I've cut quilt blocks, sewn quilt blocks together, and almost have a quilt top finished! Truly, my heart is humming away!

My only complaint is that it really does seem like the clock has been moving twice as fast. I cannot believe the speed of time! One minute I've had breakfast, the next minute I look at the clock and it's past lunchtime, then before I know it the sun is setting. Yikes!

Life will change tomorrow. I'll be on the road traveling to get my girls and bring them back home. The Mexico mission team will be landing in an airport tomorrow evening arriving home late. And I'll probably be back to escaping to my computer for necessary vegging breaks.

But I still have today and I'm going to use every single minute - no matter how fast time wants to pass! - to my full enjoyment!

Enjoy this day in your garden!

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Heasleye said...

Oh, lucky you! How wonderful to have a block of time to work on a quilt, among other things. So glad you've been filled up by it. Enjoy!

ValleyGirl said...

I had my first kid-free chunk of time last summer (4 whole days!!!) and I totally agree ~ the time seems to pass much quicker!! I'd planned to do all kinds of things, but really only got one major job done. But man, was it ever relaxing!! I hope to repeat the experience this summer, although with my youngest starting kindergarten in September (which means two or three full days of school each week), it's less important because I know I'll have more times like that come fall.

Glad you've been able to enjoy your time!

theArthurClan said...

How absolutely wonderful for you Tammy!! I'm so glad that you've spent the time enjoying things that usually can't find the time for. What a blessing!

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