Monday, June 8

quietly out loud

Currently being on call for a birth means a shifting of my routine in some ways so that I am close to home, especially since this baby will be born in a hospital 80 minutes away.

A shift occurred over the weekend when I opted to go to church on Saturday night since our church offers this extra service during the summer months when our population greatly increases. My family was busy at home with other activities like supper, fishing, and playing, but there was someone around to catch a baby phone call if it came and could alert me.

That particular shift quite unexpectedly gave me almost two hours of a quiet house yesterday morning when everyone else went to church while I listened for the phone.


Even the dogs and cats were quiet since the weather wasn't nice outside and they settled indoors for naps.


Grabbing my devotional books, I curled into my rocking chair with my quilt on my lap. My devotional took me into the book of Psalms, chapter 119. However, I couldn't stop with one verse. Instead, I went to the very beginning and read each verse of Psalm 119.

Out loud.

Twenty-two sections (one section for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet) of eight verses each. As I paused after each section, sometimes I'd re-read a verse or two or more from that section.

Out loud.

Spending this quiet time reading out loud David's love for God's Word over the course of 176 verses gave me an opportunity to refresh my love for God's Word.

Could I challenge you to read through Psalm 119 either quietly or out loud? If you can't do it in one sitting, maybe one section a day over the next 22 days? Find a verse or two or more in each section to meditate on a bit deeper.

May this challenge refresh your walks in the garden!

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Kimmie said...

Imagining your Word filled two hours...oh, how wonderful that must have been. I think I might try that a time or two more this summer if I were you!

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

ValleyGirl said...

What I always find so amazing about that particular Psalm is how often love for God's law is proclaimed. I've never sat down and counted, but I will do that yet someday. I wonder if we'd all decide His laws ~ and following them ~ were as important as they were to the psalmist, how different our churches and our WORLD would be.

Donnetta said...

I have found myself immersing in Psalm 119 lately as well.

Mrs. C said...

Great challenge. Quiet time with scripture is wonderful.

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