Friday, June 12

the scent of spring

When I walked out of the house this morning to go to exercise, I took a deep breath and whispered, "Finally!" The air was mild, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and it FINALLY felt like a morning in the month of June.

It's been a long cool spring, yet there's benefits to that delay. Although my lilacs were late to bloom, the cool weather has allowed them to stay much longer than normal. Last evening I cut more for indoors and I may be able to get another full bouquet this weekend. I love the scent of lilacs lingering throughout the house. My second lilac bush is all in pink and blooms later, so I'll have another scent of spring to look forward to next week.
Upon checking the forecast for the days ahead, it looks like the weather is going to stay sunny and warm with nothing too cold predicted at night.


It's time to get into the garden and start planting! At least it should all be done before the official arrival of summer next weekend.....

Enjoy life in your garden whatever season you are in where you live!

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ValleyGirl said...

YES! I revelled in the warm scent of spring morning, too, today as I walked my daughter out to the road to wait for the school bus. I was in just a T-shirt!! No sweater, no jacket... it was awesome! And I'd cut some of the grass last night, so the smell of the dewy grass clippings was just wonderful!

mom said...

YAY! I'm SO glad you have nice weather, too.....FINALLY!

theArthurClan said...

Your flowers are just absolutely gorgeous Tammy! What a gift you have. :)

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