Thursday, June 18


A typical late afternoon in our home.

The potatoes are on the stove top gently boiling for a big bowl of potato salad, the kids are all occupied, and the phone rings. Pleased to hear my daughter-in-law's voice on the other end, we weren't but a few minutes into the conversation when the scream came.

First step was to determine where it came from.

Living room.

I rush to the scream and see the cause.

A cat. Sound familiar? But this time it isn't the young laid back cat, it's the old frail one I find in the middle of the living room. That alone shouldn't causing a startled was the chipmunk she held in her mouth and between her paws. The cat apparently came through the screen door in the kitchen, walked through the house to the stairs, and took her treasure down into the living room.

No problem. My thought was to pick her and her treasure up to carry them out the door just a few feet away. Good thought. Didn't work that way though.

I was screaming next as the cat let go of the chipmunk who instantly dashed away down the hall and under the open shelving of all the games and movies.


So we had to unload the bottom shelf of "stuff" to see if the chipmunk was behind it. Nope. Rubbermaids were moved, games tipped and dumped all over the floor, movies fell open, and we still didn't find the silly critter which meant it must have shifted underneath the waist high movie cabinet.

By this time we had quite a mess in the hallway and I had to come up with a different plan. I shut the two doors off the hallway to prevent a chipmunk escape into other rooms and I grabbed quilt frame boards to devise a chipmunk chute along the floor to the door leading to the great outdoors. Of course, when the chipmunk suddenly dashed out, not only was there more screaming but it went in the opposite direction back under the shelving.

After about thirty minutes of maneuvering and screaming every time it startled us by running out from under something, the chipmunk FINALLY ran down the chipmunk chute and out the door. All pets went into lock down to prevent someone else catching it and bringing it into the house.

Back to the kitchen I went to prepare the potato salad while my sweet girls cleaned up the disaster left behind.

Yup, just a typical late afternoon around here.

Nothing spiritual about this adventure other than I'm beginning to wish that what the Lord hath given, I'm ready for Him to taketh. Anyone need a cat or dog??????

Tammy ~@~


ChiGirl said...

It was REALLY funny to hear you all screaming!!! I was still chuckling after we got off the phone. :-D

ValleyGirl said...

Haha, sounds like quite the adventure!

Karen said...

hmm...reminds me of Jessi's 16th birthday party when one of the dogs (we won't mention names) tried to bring a dead, bloody possum into the house. Unfortunately, with 5 dogs, when one drops a treasure another one picks it up. Bleck. I'm glad your chipmunk made it out alive.

Luke said...

[laughing] Wow.

Glad it all worked out in the end. Reminds me, slightly, of the time I had to help a neighbor remove a bunny from their bedroom closet. Though, we didn't scream as much [smile].


Mrs. E. said...

Good thinkin' Tammy! I can only imagine the screams and I'd be screamin' right along with the girls! Reminds me of when we had a bat in our bedroom in the middle of the night. . . many years ago. Those critters are meant to be OUTside.

mom said...

It was a good thing none of the boys were home because our screaming drives them crazy (and no, we don't do it very often!). I always tell them that having sisters is good practice for someday having a wife :-)

Mrs. C said... sounds like quite the afternoon. We had a woodchuck on our front porch a few weeks ago with our dog which made for an eventful time. You just never know what a day will bring!

mom said...

A woodchuck? OH MY!

Chris Worthy said...

Oh, what a scene! :) Sadly, the ending is not as happy for the chipmunks when my dogs bring "treasure." Thankfully, they have never brought one in the house. I think I would call for emergency evacuation. :)

theArthurClan said...

So funny Tammy! I would have been no help at all...except I could have added to the screaming. Hee!

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