Friday, June 19


Ever have one of those days? You know, the kind where you start doing something only to be stopped with an interruption? So then you start going again only to be stopped again? And each time you're stopped, it seems harder to start going back where you were going before? By the time you start going back where you were going you're stopped again?

Once upon a time this morning I did start going on my blog writing. However, I've stopped and goed (I see that isn't a real word, but since we use a lot of words that aren't real around my house I'm leaving it to irritate spell check) so many times that I finally came back to my computer and dumped the blog thought of the day. Alas, you're left with this stop and go post, which by the way, has been interrupted thrice while writing!

And here I thought I'd get so much done indoors on this cloudy with an occasional sprinkle of rain in the air kind of day. I may have to stop trying to go and instead stop to take a nap....

Tammy ~@~


Kim said...

Definitely stop and take a nap! :D

mom said...

I did take a nap! Only 30 minutes, but it was definitely a recharge :-)

Amy said...

This is ME everyday...LOL!


mom said...

I totally understand, Amy! *wink*

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