Friday, July 3

a bit of exclaiming

FINALLY! After several cloudy rainy gloomy cool days in a row which began last Saturday, the sun is shining this morning! The skies are a brilliant blue with nary a cloud to be seen! This pink peony has been wanting to fully open, but as I've been watching it over these past days it appears not to have the ooomph to do such a task. I think the warming sunshine is just what it has needed. And such perfect timing! My son and his girlfriend arrive this evening so my hope is to cut this perfect flower and put it in her room. The fragrance will hopefully cover the teen aged son scent that tends to be more prevalent, if you know what I mean....

Necessary errands to run mid-morning, but I can hardly wait to get out to my garden and get my hands dirty again! Really, my heart is just leaping with joy at the thought! Plus I have a flowerbed area that I never got started on before the nasty weather came, so I also look forward to working on that, too.

Such a perfect time to be out in God's creation and to have time to ponder all that He has been nudging me about all week.

May your garden day be just as beautiful!

Tammy ~@~

P.S. Sorry about all the exclamation points in this post, but honestly, it's been so dreary for so long that this weather truly does bring excitement! :-)


Karen said...

Oh, I do know what you mean. What is that smell anyway?

I'm glad you are having a sunny day there. I'm hoping to visit a few gardens today while the weather is cooler (and dry. Rain for tomorrow it seems.) The last of the spring flowers will soon be gone and we'll be starting on the summer ones soon. (and I'm sure fall is just around the corner.)

Anyhow, enjoy the moment!

Mrs. E. said...

I love the flower idea. . . I will always remember the flowers my mil had in the room when I visited.
Happy 4th!

mom said...

That smell? Work clothes thrown on the floor, baseball clothes thrown on the floor, plates or bowls or cups used for snacks that were illegally taken into their room, dogs sleeping on the bed, ETC...all adds up to that boy smell :::sigh:::

And you are not allowed to mention *fall* yet, Karen!

Ohhh, that is so sweet that you have memories of flowers in your room placed their by your mother-in-law, Heather! I usually try to put a sweet treat next to the flowers, but I forgot to pick something up when I was at the store this morning and there was no way I was going to run back into town as it was pure craziness! Yikes! It seems very worthwhile to pamper these young women as you never know when they may end up being related to you!

Tammy ~@~

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