Thursday, July 9

a bite beyond nasty

It had been over two weeks and there hadn't been a peep from my son in basic training. Not even a phone call over the holiday weekend. Nothing. It was primarily unusual because he's been an avid letter writer during his time away with the daily run to the post office being the highlight for us.

I calmly listened to those wiser than me who assured me he was fine and kept praying for him as I went about life trusting that God was taking good care of him.

So when I heard his voice on the phone last evening, well, my heart took a leap of relief! He sounded good and our less than five minute phone call went by in a flash. We covered the important stuff like the unfortunate news about his dog, the payment of his vehicle insurance and license, and connecting next week at his graduation.

Then he shared he quick prayer request. On one of their expeditions he had been bitten by something. After three days, it definitely required medical attention and it's believed that he was bitten on his hand by a brown recluse spider. He's taking antibiotics and packing the wound with gauze :::thud::: Doesn't sound like those little spider bites we get here! YIKES!

Could you please lift up a quick prayer that the healing will go well and swiftly as he does not want it to interfere with his airborne training which begins immediately after his basic training graduation.

Thank you! It would bless me as much as him!

Tammy ~@~


Karen said...


(I guess they never grow too old for us to be concerned, do they?)

mom said...

Thanks, Karen! Seems that sometimes you pray MORE once they leave home...

Tammy ~@~

Kim said...

Reminds me of the Apostle Paul being bitten by the snake. I will be praying!

Letitia said...

As I experience my first one living away from home, I can certainly imagine how you felt. I am lifting up prayer for the spider bite. Yes, brown recluse bites can be quite nasty. I pray the antibiotic gets to it quickly and without issues.
Thank you for asking about the apt. I don't even remember telling you about it. LOL. My mind was a total whirlwind during that week. Although, we knew she would be moving by the end of this month, the move ended up sudden because of an extended family crisis. We did find her a really cute apt the first day, since her dad and I had already scouted locations one day while she was in all day rehearsals. She's loving it, and after the first night, I'm not near as worried....umm...I mean concerned : ) ....about her as I had thought I would be. The Lord has shown Himself *amazingly* in our lives the last couple of weeks.

I'm so glad for you that you got rain!!

mom said...

Thanks for the update, Letitia! Praying that the Lord will give your mother's heart peace with this new season!

Tammy ~@~

randi said...

Praying for you son, Tammy!

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