Tuesday, July 7

a dusty renewal

My time working in the garden has felt like working in a dust bowl. Since rain seems to be a rare commodity this summer, I've been hand watering the vegetable plants instead of wasting water on the vast rows in between which means that the vast rows in between are like powdered dirt. Worthless. Dry. Dusty. Clinging to the warm sweat on summer bodies which require a dip in the lake or a quick shower. Water is the answer to renewing and refreshing the gardener and her helpers.

And sometimes life gets feeling like that, too, as the world can so easily pull us into its troubles. Economic times are drying up finances as bills become a clinging burden on these summer days. Hope begins evaporating and moods become parched. Worthless. Dry. Dusty.

"I am laid low in the dust; renew my life according to your word." ~ Psalm 119:25

God's Word is the answer to renewing and refreshing His people. No matter how low and worthless you may feel, open the Bible to the Psalms finding hope in a Heavenly Father who cares for you. He has not left you in the vast rows of dust, but showers your spirit with the living waters of His Word.

Be renewed right where you are in your garden!

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Donnetta said...

So thankful for the refreshing and renewing the Word of God brings to my own life. Thanks for this reminder of such truth!

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