Wednesday, July 1

from zero to twenty

Yay! Today one of my sons leaves his teen years behind as he officially enters the era of his twenties.

He's the baby that was ten days overdue and I was willing to go another day over with this baby so I wouldn't miss helping my mom with her garage sale that day. But I woke up at 2 AM with what I thought was bad indigestion from a pizza supper and figured out it was perhaps something else when I had to crawl out of the bathroom and through the living room to call my husband. Yup, that pain didn't stop me from brushing my teeth before we left the house, but it was strong enough that I encouraged my husband that we needed to leave NOW and not wait for my father-in-law to arrive to keep watch over our sleeping children. And it was a good thing we did as my body was at "complete" when they did a quick exam as I entered the hospital, the ER doctor was rushed in, and my son was born.

Fifty minutes from start to finish.


It is seems that time has passed that quickly from the moment they put that blonde haired baby boy in my arms until today's celebration of his 20th birthday.


Happy birthday to my son who is known for his smile! :-D

Down to two teenagers in the house now, but a third is rushing toward joining them in a couple of months....


Tammy ~@~


Mrs. E. said...

Wow, Tammy that's quite a l&d story! You gave birth in the ER?

I'm starting to "get it". . .the blink! that is and how short life is.

Donnetta said...

Happy Birthday to your not so little guy. :-)

mom said...

No, they wheeled me quickly up to L & D, but the poor guy pushing me was pretty nervous doing it! Actually, Simone was the nurse on duty and I would have been perfectly comfortable having her catch him! :-)

Chris Worthy said...

Wow -- Glad your husband didn't have to handle the delivery on the way to the hospital. :)
I enjoy your blog so much. You truly have the gift of encouragement.

mom said...

Aw, thanks, Chris! You've brightened my day! :-)

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