Tuesday, July 21

His uncluttered vision

While experiencing my second flying experience, I was once again reminded of the magnitude of how BIG God is as He watches over our world. Looking down at the scenery and the little specks of developments were a reminder of all that is in His vision and care. Too much for me to even comprehend, especially because I was only getting a teeny tiny glimpse of an universe that stretches beyond my imagination and which was created by His Hand.

Hours after our first flight, I was intrigued by what my sweet granddaughter was doing while we were slowly walking along chatting. Off in her own little world, she was following a little tiny ant as he traveled hither and thither on the sidewalk. She had her eye on each one of his teeny tiny steps.

What a contrast when comparing the greatness of the universe to all the microscopic details within the universe! And God knows about all of it! Not a thing misses His eye! It's too much for our minds to grasp, isn't it?

And it all makes me smile when I consider where I'm sitting to write this post....at a desk that is piled high with clutter within a bedroom full of clutter. I'm beginning to lose track of all the little details within this area as things get shifted and moved and added.

Boy, it's a good thing *I* am not in charge of the universe as I can't even keep track within this little space of mine! LOL!

May your garden spaces be less cluttered than mine!

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ChiGirl said...

This picture just makes me smile. And you're SO right--off in her own little world...always. :)

mom said...

Ahhhh, she loves the world of nature which is a pretty cool world that God created :-)

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