Wednesday, July 29

it's little but big

As I head out the door for the day, here's a little quote for you to think about:

"It's incredible to realize that what we do each day has meaning in the big picture of God's plan." ~ Billy Hybels

Do you think about that very fact each morning when you get up?!

So, what are YOU doing on this day in your garden?

Tammy ~@~


theArthurClan said...

That's a great way to start each morning!

Donnetta said...

Interesting that you post this today as today is our big day. We go to court to finalize the adoption.

Truly has meaning in the big picture of God's plan. Not entirely sure what the future looks like, but I rest in the fact that HE does!

mom said...

Oh, Donnetta! That is so exciting! It is a perfect quote for you on this day :-)

Tammy ~@~

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