Saturday, July 11

listless dreaming

My life seems to be one of lists.

Lists in notebooks. Lists on slips of paper on my desk. Lists written on my calendar. Lists on emails in my computer. Lists stuck on post-it notes. Lists in my dreams. Lists just about EVERYWHERE!

On one hand, all these lists make me feel organized which once upon a time I was as a mother. Really, I truly was organized and without a plethora of lists. I can see that trait in my older children who witnessed it and incorporated it into their own lives. My younger children, however, seem to be incorporating the list making habit.

And yes, it would be a good idea to consolidate all these lists EXCEPT I tend to jot things down wherever I am on whatever is available which only contributes to the problem. So maybe I'll write on a list to combine lists and we'll see how long it takes for me to find that list and to actually do it.

You know, I wouldn't even have this problem if it weren't for the short term memory issues I seem to be having with this season of life :::sigh::: Do you suppose it ever gets better and I can become listless again?

In the meantime, off to work on the list found on my calendar for today.....

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Kimmie said...


Thinking how a couple of cute notebooks would be of for your purse, one for the kitchen and one in your bedroom... for those jotting moments? They make those tiny moleskine notebooks that are very wee, and perfect for your purse, bible bag or car.

You probably could make some or use index cards on a loop holder for notes.

Of course checking and remembering which notebook you jotted something down in...well, thats another challenge I'd imagine.

Have you tried using Ginko Biloba (think thats how you spell it). It is supposed to help with memory.

big hug. You have so much going on and so many areas of ministry, I am sure this is not helping as you try to get all the things done each day.

Tammy, Have you asked the Holy Spirit to remind you what needs to be done each day? Praise God, we can't lose Him and we don't have to stuff him somewhere until needed ;-) Praying for you kind friend.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

mom said...

Yes, praise God the Holy Spirit is there and I'll never lose Him as my helper!

I used to buy ginkgo biloba for my mom to help with her memory...perhaps I need to try it for myself now!

The problem is that I LOVE all those cute little notebooks which is why I have so many! Yikes! But I'm trying real hard to stick to one main notebook. Perhaps I need to designate the others with specific ideas, big project lists, schooling thoughts, book lists, etc.

The key is to simplify...I wish I could get there....

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