Friday, July 31

saling away

The day is finally here! Our garage sale! In an hour or so, people will be arriving to shop through a week's worth of work. Ohhhhhh, there was so much more to go through to put in this sale...perhaps next year.

One of the offerings is for the golf enthusiast. Having five boys resulted in a collection of six golf bags and lots of irons and clubs from their own garage sale cruising. It was time to pick out a couple sets for them to play around with and try to sell the rest. Wish me success as I'm tired of these things taking up room in our garage!

Besides music and a candle burning, my girls are adding to the mood with their entrepreneurial spirit and are offering fresh chocolate chip cookies and glasses of lemonade for sale. Ohhhh, and we've added a bowl with chocolate kisses at the check-out, too, as a bonus to all shoppers :-)

Okay, a busy day ahead for me, so I'm off to get this sale going. Enjoy this summer day and whatever tasks are keeping you busy in your garden!

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Donnetta said...

Best of luck on your sale!

mom said...

Thanks! It went well! I have learned a lesson though...never post a picture of something you REALLY want to sell because then you are guaranteed NOT to sell a single one :-p Perhaps tomorrow will be better...

Tina said...

LOL. . my kids might come by and get a few clubs :)

mom said...

Boy, do I ever have a deal for them! LOL! In fact, they could take ALL of them home for the rest of the summer and you could just bring them back next summer when I have a garage sale again :-)

Tammy ~@~

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