Monday, July 27

sixteen years or less

Yesterday morning when I woke up my immediate thought was how little time I had left to live on this earth. I have no idea what I had been dreaming about or what prompted that thought, but as I waking up thinking about it I recalled that my mom passed away shortly after she turned 67 years old. *IF* I did the same, that would mean I have a little over sixteen years to go.

Now, if you're in your 30's, sixteen years may seem like a long time. But when you are over 50 and looking at the seventeen year old sitting on the couch next to you wondering when that child went from an extremely exhausting toddler to a young adult about to enter his senior year of high school, suddenly sixteen years is a flash of time.

Of course, no one knows the length of their days. And let's not even get into how many stories were told at Curves this morning about cars going the wrong direction on highways and the people that were killed by such mistakes as women reflected on a recent news story in order to recognize that today could be the day. Only God knows.

Thinking about it reminded me of this Bible verse:

"So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom." ~ Psalm 90:12

And the timing of thinking about the shortness of life has helped me as I'm go through the house preparing for a garage sale.

In my younger mom days I bought books and kits about things I wanted to do. An example would be soapmaking. I have a beautiful book about this craft as well as some of the supplies not to mention the cost of taking a full day class. Do you know how many bars of soap I made? Um, ya, ZERO. Or what about that beautiful book about basket making and the couple of classes I took to learn this craft. Do you know how many baskets I have made? Um, ya, the one I made it class. I could continue to with many other examples - just look at my bookshelves :::sigh:::

Yes, I think there is a point in time when we are learning about who we are and what we enjoy and want to do, but there has to be a point where we've discovered that and can narrow things down. I probably passed that point of knowing years ago but was too busy raising a family to recognize it. So as I consider the things I am surrounded by and think more deeply about what I want to do over the next sixteen years or whatever the number of days may be that the Lord blesses me, I can more efficiently sort through my household recognizing the things that must go. SIMPLIFY is my battle cry!

Unfortunately, I don't think that the few days I have left to prepare for my garage sale will be enough to thoroughly empty out what needs to be emptied out. At least God has provided me with a vision of what needs to be done and how I need to be more single minded in purpose.

How thankful I am that what seemed to be a morbid waking up thought that turned into a vision for the future! You never know what God will use to get our attention!

Do think about your days ahead so that you may gain wisdom in the process!

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Kimmie said...

Simplify...good wise word. Finding time to do it, lol...that's the trick.

Did you have your garage sale? Hope it went well. Wish you could come over and I could make some soap in my barn with you. I haven't made any in the past year, but I am due (and our supply is running low).

Life is so brief. Best to live simple and to breath in as much joy as possible.

You are such a sweet, kind, generous, thoughtful, loving, giving woman...I think you use your days very wisely friend.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

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