Monday, July 20

a solemn processing

As we sat in the grandstands with hundreds of other people at the beginning of the graduation ceremony, suddenly we noticed smoke start to billow up across the field. Loud shots filled the air causing this mother to let out a startled short scream - sorry, I tend to do that when things like that happen such as finding cats in my garden under the rhubarb and fortunately everyone was staring at the scene in front of them and didn't turn to stare at this poor mother - and soldiers came running onto the field in a V shape. We knew our son was part of the field demonstration, but he didn't really explain how it was going to happen other than we also knew he'd be the last guy on the far left.
After watching them cross the field, they all stopped in a line as the speaker talked about each piece of equipment that the infantrymen used.

Once done with the explanation, they did a quick set-up to complete the demonstration and left the field.

Then began the formality of the soldiers coming onto the field as well as the music, the creeds, the presentation of awards, the guest speaker, the troops passing in review.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, we were allowed ten minutes to greet our soldier. Our family had to walk to the far corner of the field where our son was taking off all his gear from the demonstration.

It was a brief hello and good-bye, but long enough for us to snap a few pictures.

He then left for processing into Airborne school as he was accepted into one of the few spots available and I was relieved to hear that he passed the PT test early this morning. There are many candidates in this school and cuts will be made for minor infractions. We are praying for God's favor over him as this is something our son is focused and excited to do as his next step.

My emotions seem to be catching up to me today as I process it all. There is a somber solemness as I come to terms with his choice and the choice of many other young men and women. Having always known there was sacrifice in military service, the reality of the depth of that sacrifice is suddenly much more real. The news of a captured American soldier in Afghanistan accentuates the cost.

The days ahead will involve a new learning curve for me as I try hard to understand all the military terminology, etc. The days ahead will also involve a deeper prayer walk through my garden now that I've been given a brief peek into military life.

May we all come before God with hearts of thankfulness and praise for the lavish freedoms we have in our country and not forget to pray daily for those in military service around the world who are willing to pay the price for that freedom.

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Mrs. E. said...

Sooo great to see the pictures! And only 10 minutes? Oh, Tammy I can only imagine your emotions.
Glad to hear how well he is doing.

Letitia said...

Only 10 min??? Wow. How hard that must be. Here I am greiving so deeply because my child has permanantly moved 2 hours away, and another is leaving in two days to spend a month in Kenya. I can't imagine how hard your adjustment must and will be. Prayers for you, Tammy.

Tina said...

Oh, Tammy, we were praying for this mornings test! I am so glad he was accepted to move on. . I didn't realize you had such a short time with him. Thinking of you today. . He does look great in a uniform :)

mom said...

We only had 10 minutes on Friday, but did spend the afternoon before with him. Actually, our flight on Wednesday ended up being canceled which meant we missed the family briefing and Turning Blue Ceremony on Thursday morning as we arrived on base late morning. So there was some time to connect and hear his stories :-)

Tammy ~@~

Kimmie said...

Thank you for raising your son with a heart willing to serve. May God hold him close and guide his every step...with angels all around him as protection as he bravely serves. Praying for peace your you and your Knight...may you rest in God's loving hands.

Your son is very handsome, he looks so much like you. He has the same beautiful happy eyes.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

mom said...

Ohhh, Kimmie, thanks! I appreciate your prayers. He gets his brown eyed handsomeness from his dad and his crazy sense of humor from, hmmm, both of us? I dunno? I sure love him though :-)

Tammy ~@~

teachinmom said...

I know exactly what you mean, Tammy. It is an honor and sacrifice to have them serve. I am thankful for all such families and for a God who gives the grace for such sacrifices.

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