Saturday, July 25

sorting through treasures

Since I made the decision to have a garage sale next weekend, I've been working on cleaning through areas of the house looking for those things that could easily be parted with from our household. Some things are easy good-bye items, but others, well, I sputter back and forth with a decision.

So I thought maybe I needed to change my approach. Maybe I need to think about what I'd keep if we'd suddenly have to downsize our household for a move. Trust me, it's not easy when you've been living in the same house for thirty years which includes a gigantic collection of items for children. Like, how many pairs of ice skates do we really need? I keep hanging onto the little sizes because there will be grandchildren coming to ice skate someday. But is it necessary? Or is it possible to find a better way to store things like this that I want to keep. I dunno.

Then this morning I was reading in my devotional about the apostle Paul and how very light of items he lived with often traveling and staying with others. Feel free to read through the book of Philippians to understand more about his way of living. He was willing to give up everything in order that he might know God better and more intimately.

As A.W. Tozer put it in his writing...."Any external treasure that touches your heart is a curse."

Strong words, eh? Definitely strong words for a sentimental kind of person like myself to read!

Hopefully it will help me look with new eyes at things I'm going through as I decide what really is necessary for raising a family in my household and what really is clutter or earthly meaningless treasures. And in garage sale terms, what things am I clinging to that would actually lessen my burden if I gave them up?
New eyes are needed as I consider that absolutely none of this stuff will follow me into eternity. Hmmmm, lots of things to think about as I sort through treasures.

Ohhhh, may our eyes dim on earthly treasures so we can more fully focus on heavenly treasures!

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keri said...

I can come be your eyes if you'd like.... >;-)

theArthurClan said...

I so need to look at my basement this way Tammy...I have let things get to such a mess down there of items that we surely no longer need. It's time to tackle that job for sure!

mom said...

HA! Honestly, I'm trying to look through YOUR eyes as I sort through things..."What will Keri immediately toss out the moment I'm gone?!" At least I think there's a few things I can keep that will pass your sentimental value level. Like those cats in the corner of my bedroom ;-)

Angie, girlfriend, NOW is the time to do it! OR you could wait until the kids are back in school and you have nothing better to do during the days ;-)

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