Thursday, July 23

a summer daybook

What fun to see an unexpected summer simple woman's daybook posting. I couldn't resist to participate as I've missed this weekly journal. Enjoy!

For today July 23rd

Outside my window.....
the skies are a beautiful blue and temps are in the 50's. It's been an unusually cool summer here, but actually perfect for some of us! We do need rain though and I sigh each time the dark clouds come and go without leaving us a drop.

I am thinking.....about the health care reform proposed and the phone calls I need to make today in response to it.

I am thankful for.....a healthy family who is enjoying summer activities.

From the learning's quite quiet. I've ordered the boys high school materials, but still need to go through what I have and what I need for the younger girls. Just typing this is a good reminder for me to DO IT NOW since the summer is slipping by quickly!

From the's been light meals lately as our children haven't been around much this week with VBS and other activities. We're loving the fresh produce that is part of the season.

I am wearing.....a white t-shirt with flowers on it and my black exercise pants as I went walking for an hour early this morning.

I am creating.....two baby quilts which are in progress and which I hope to finish up the next couple of weeks. It's been so much fun doing them!

I am church to drop off and pick up kids at VBS, but that should be the extent of my leaving the house this week.

I am dabbling in my I sort through books and determine if I can part with any of them.

I am continue to stay on task with my projects as I see August looming on my calendar.

I am littlest chattering away as she climbed into my bed to wake up and warm up.

Around the house.....I see a box here and there with *stuff* in them as I go through the house looking for garage sale items.

One of my favorite walking through my garden and checking up on how everything is growing.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....figuring out how and when to get one of our boys back home from a visit with his oldest sibling, finishing out VBS, working on my garage sale, and catching up on some paperwork.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.....

When we were driving last week down in Georgia, I saw the prettiest flowers along the roadside. At first I thought they were a type of a lilac because they were such a pretty color of lavender, but then saw variations of pink and white, too. When we connected with family, I asked my Southern daughter-in-law what they were and she told me they were called crepe myrtle. After looking online I immediately noted they'd never grow up here and are more suited for zones 7 - 10 AND that they bloom about 120 days. Wow! You Southern gals are so fortunate to have these long lasting blooming bushes!

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Enjoy your summer day!

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Chris Worthy said...

With last night's rain here, the crape myrtles lining my driveway are bending over from the weight of wet blooms. They are wonderful small trees. (By the way, the horrible practice of loping the canopy off crape myrtles each spring is commonly called "crape murder" here. :) They shouldn't be harshly pruned, but it happens all the time.)

mom said...

Interesting info, Chris. I thought of them as bushes, but are they considered trees? They sure are mighty purty! :-)

Tammy ~@~

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