Tuesday, July 14

time to go

It is time.

Back in March when there was snow on the ground, we kissed our son good-bye as he headed off to basic training in the Army. Seeing him in July at his graduation seemed like a LONG time away.

But here it is.

Back in March we tentatively hoped to pack up the van with kids and take a week long vacation as we traveled to watch him graduate. However, that length of time plus gas for the van plus two motel rooms a night plus feeding our crew ended up not equaling what our finances are at the moment. Not only would we have the expense, but my husband would miss a week's worth of time of not being able to take business calls and be working.

The option pursued was having my oldest son do the surfing to find a cheap flight for my husband and I which would greatly reduce the cost and time away. With a direct flight booked for tomorrow, the last couple days have been spent on organizing to go as well as making lists for those at home.

It is time.

Almost five hours tomorrow will be spent driving to the airport to catch a flight to the hot and humid South. Once there, we will connect with our oldest son and family as they are driving there to be present, too. To say that there is excitement with this trip would be an understatement. I cannot wait to hug that boy of mine!

Since blogger has not been doing well lately with any of my scheduled posts, I've decided to take a mini blogging break during this time. However, since all of my readers regularly bless me with their encouragement, before I leave tomorrow morning I will post a giveaway to bless someone back.

May there be exciting events for you to look forward to in your garden, too!

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ChiGirl said...

I'm SOOO excited, too!! Can't wait to see you and Dad!!

Karen said...

Praying for you. I know that the trip will be exciting and difficult. (it's another one of those moments we think will never come.)


ValleyGirl said...

Again, I'm going to say it: You must be so proud of him!! I'm sorry you couldn't do the family vacation thing, but I'm so glad at least you and your husband will get to go for a quick get-away and to see your son's grad. Have fun and have a great break!! (although they've fixed the auto-post problem now! ;))

mom said...

I'm pretty much ready to leave in the morning! Thanks for the prayers. And yes, I am proud of him and will probably be hugging a young man who has grown up quite a bit over the last few months.

Ohhh, dear....now you tell me the auto-post problem is fixed? Too late as I'm already geared for the mini break. I'll post the giveaway in the morning :-)

Tammy ~@~

Letitia said...

Definitely exciting. I hope you have a *wonderful* trip!

theArthurClan said...

I am so happy for you Tammy! I hope that your trip goes wonderfully well and that you enjoy every moment together. :)

Be safe!

mom said...

We did have an amazing trip despite some travel snags....grrrrr! It was great to see him and spent a little time together catching up. My heart is still beaming :-)

Tammy ~@~

~ Judy ~ said...

Hi Tammy!
Glad to read that you had a nice visit with your son!
One of my best friend's sons heads off to Army Basic Training tomorrow...and another friend's son leaves for Marine Boot Camp this week!
Please THANK your son for his service for me...I am the wife of a Gulf War Vet.
(from THL)

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