Friday, July 24

time to kick a ball

When we were gone last week, I missed the soccer coaches meeting. So this past week I connected with someone to pick up all my gear, roster info, first aid kit, and uniforms for the kids.

Yes, I've volunteered for the second time to coach a soccer team and I'm excited about it! This year our littlest is starting soccer and I elected to coach her team, so I'm dropping down a level to the U-8 age. I'm anticipating a little different kind of team as kids are still learning the game at this age and there will probably be more daisy picking out in the field.

My littlest has been watching her older siblings play the game and she's been anxious to play, too. She's going to be a fast little thing, so look out all you ball hogging boys!

Mixed in all the excitement though is that bittersweet longing in my heart of a littlest one who is growing up so quickly. Goodness, wasn't it just yesterday that she was sitting next to me in her little fold up Barbie chair watching soccer games with me as she ate her snacks while under a blanket that covered both of our laps?

Ahhh, so here's to volunteering for a season of soccer ahead! May the fall ahead be warmer than our summer and the rain showers avoid Saturday mornings for awhile!

And if you'd like to read my thoughts about volunteering, please stop over at Heart of the Matter to read my article about whether or not to raise YOUR hand when a volunteer opportunity comes up!

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Donnetta said...

I just finished my 5th year of coaching my daughter's soccer team. I am grateful for the time we have spent together in this activity!


Lisa said...

Have a great season coaching your daughter's team! My hat's off to you for volunteering to coach. It's a labor of love. :)

mom said...

Yay, Donnetta! It is fun to do this activity with one of your children :-)

Ahhh, yes, a labor of love which includes using muscles not used to being used! LOL!

Tammy ~@~

theArthurClan said...

My husband has coached 1-2 of our kid's teams every year since they began and he loves it! It's been fun to watch him settle into the role of an encouraging coach over the years. He's such a blessing to the kids and they are to him as well!

mom said...

That's so wonderful, Angie! I wish more dads would get involved in coaching so soccer moms could relax along the sidelines catching up with one another! :-)

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