Tuesday, August 18

the annual cabinet cleaning

Look at how neat our school cabinet is was! Let's just say it didn't look like this when I decided to clean it out yesterday as I begin to prepare for a new school year. YIKES! No, I did not take a picture and instead posted a picture of how it will hopefully look as we begin school.

Everything had to come out and I vacuumed and cleaned the shelves well. Then the sorting through all the stuff that has accumulated all summer process began which revealed a few things that never got completed last school year.

This process will continue today as I make out my list of what supplies we'll need to get started since I really want to nudge my children into starting a bit now. The cabinet which is now empty with stacks on the floor next to it will begin filling up again as I find the books my children need and the teachers keys I need for this year.

On one hand, this is a good thing as the kids are definitely ready to get back into a routine. On the other hand, this is a bad thing as I'm definitely not ready to get back into a routine. The canning part of my garden is about to begin as well as the anticipation of family gatherings in the weeks ahead. It's hard for me to focus on school when there's other things distracting my mind.

Anywho, I hope I can stay on track with this project so we can more officially begin our school week on Monday the 24th.

How about you? When does school - home, public, private - begin for your family?

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Lisawa said...

Oh that’s a good idea... I know my cabinet isn’t as tidy... It look’s more like a tornado went through it! *Ü*

I have not found my groove or motivation yet... I’m sure its somewhere in my home school cabinet... I just need to find it…

mom said...

Um, Lisa, I have yet to find any groove or motivation in my home school cabinet as I'm still working on getting it straightened up, although today I did finish ordering the rest of our books for this school year. Perhaps it did help a tad bit? Wishing you success!

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