Thursday, August 6

be prepared

IF nothing happens today that would be an infraction, my son has completed his five required jumps and should have wings pinned on his uniform tomorrow morning at Army Airborne graduation.


Throughout this week of jumping out of planes, he's called with the details of each jump. Yes, it's probably more information than this mother needs to know! Yikes! But his siblings love listening to his stories.

What was actually more interesting to me - perhaps because it didn't contain danger! - was what occurred in the pre-jump activities. The platoon had to be up early (usually 3 - 4 AM for formation) and would then go and get completely geared up for the jumps of the day. Once geared, they would be officially inspected and approved as safe to jump. Then they would be put into a hold position sitting on the ground. For hours. They could not talk to anyone. They could not touch the gear on their bodies. They could not move. For hours. A minor infraction in any way would boot them out of the program. He said that the only movement you would see would be guys quickly elbow nudging the guy next to them when they saw them nodding off. Yes, fully prepared, yet waiting for hours.

That scenario kind of reminded me of yesterday and my volunteer work at the pregnancy center. The over an hour ride driving time was spent in prayer. Once everyone for the morning shift arrived at the center a devotional was read, Scripture was shared, music was listened to, and our time closed in prayer. Then we were all fully prepared for the morning ahead. But yesterday was different.

It was quiet. My regular clients either canceled or didn't show. The phone was quiet. There were no walk-ins. For hours. We were all prepared, but put in a wait mode.

At least we could talk to one another unlike my son's waiting time. How important that was when two urgent prayer requests came in during the morning which could be lifted up to our Heavenly Father immediately.

At least we could move and do things unlike my son's waiting time. My morning was spent hand addressing envelope, folding brochures, folding letters, and looking over materials.

There are times of waiting in our lives. Sometimes we must be still. Sometimes we must continue moving with the things that are before us. But always, always we need to be prepared! It's Scriptural - " prepared in season and out of season." Paul was speaking about preaching the Word of God to use it to correct, rebuke and encourage. Be prepared with great patience and careful understanding. (II Timothy 4:2)

Always be prepared whether there is a time of waiting or moving ahead for you. God will use your preparations for His purposes!

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Kimmie said...

Thanks Tammy...a good word I will apply to my heart and life.

Glad your son did well. You must be so proud.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Anonymous said...

What a comparison! Sometimes at the center I feel almost like I am jumping out of a plane emotionally and I need to wait on God. He has everything under control. We have one girl that we haven't been able to get ahold of and haven't heard from in a couple of weeks. But, I know the Lord has a plan for her. I just need to trust Him.


mom said...

He officially graduated this morning and now moves onto the next step. Yes, I am very proud of him and need to trust God who will be holding him in His Hand in the days ahead.

And you are right, Jenny. Volunteering at the pregnancy center is another place of needing to trust God who holds each one of those girls in His Hand.

Perhaps this should have been titled, "Be prepared and TRUST!"

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