Tuesday, August 25

a break from overflowering

Prepare yourself for this picture.....

Yes, I'm sorry to say it's a head of broccoli gone wild. And yes, I'm sorry to say that it seems to happen every summer. I see the broccoli start coming, we begin to eat heads of it, I miss a couple days of cutting it due to the busyness of life and I come back to profuse broccoli flowering :::sigh::: Then I go over to my garden post and hit my head over and over as I regret not taking a few minutes to cut it all when it was ready and sticking it into the freezer :::another sigh:::

Too busy.

My life was filled with overflowering.

Time for a break.

A quick decision was made to pack up the family with essentials and head further north to our cabin in the woods as soon as the girls' soccer games ended on Saturday. The last time I had been there was over Memorial Day weekend and only made it a day before having to leave to attend a birth.

Summer had been too busy.

Our calendar had been overflowering.

Time for a break.
It was wonderful to set my devotional books out on the picnic table and read while overlooking the lake. Interruptions came in the form of having to stoke the campfire or check someone's fishing line and my return back to the picnic table guaranteed little pine needles all over my books when the breeze gently blew the nearby tree.

The weather was pleasant and sunny allowing walks through our property and back through the woods where we found lots of wild raspberries growing....

....as well as some wild blackberries mixed in here and there. The kids forts were checked and bird nests inside them noted. Books were read, cross stitch completed, and learning how to crochet rugs was attempted.

All in all, a time of getting away was just what the Master Gardener had ordered and I'm glad I took Him up on it!

Ohhhh, the calendar is still full and my household work is overflowering, but it's so much easier to tackle after a time of refreshment!

May you take spontaneous moments of refreshment in your garden when the Master Gardener sends them your way!

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