Monday, August 17

from then to now

Welcome to my entry for the Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop and this week's of our students!

Since we haven't officially started our schooling for the new school year, I haven't taken our official standing-in-front-of-the-old-schoolhouse picture yet.

Instead I thought it would be fun to share a picture of my very first homeschool student. This picture was taken in September of 1987 (yes, I did say 1987) and it was taken next to the old desk that he used that year. My first student is now married to another homeschooled student and they are second generation homeschoolers teaching their own children. Besides him, there have been three other homeschool graduates in our family.

As we begin a new school year in a couple of weeks, our school will include five students who are in grades one, five, eight, ten, and twelve. Yes, quite a range of learning going on in our household and it certainly keeps me sharpened as I work with a beginning reader and correct the compositions of a senior in high school with everything else in-between. No wonder I'm tired and need catnaps during our school day!

If you are a homeschooling family and want to share pictures of your students as they are busy learning, be sure to stop over at Darcy's Blog Hop student photos this week!

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Nezzy said...

What a cutie your first was! Have a good year educating your blessed variety, I know it is a challenge. I had grades 5-8 in my Special Ed class. Four of my grannies are homeschooled and I praise my DIL every day. Have just a super great day!

mom said...

He was a cutie and when I look at my grandangel she looks much like him :-)

And yay for the challenge of teaching that you took on as it takes a special gift to work with God's special children :-)

Sharon said...

Such cuties! Very nice to meet you :)

Tracy said...

WOW! Great success!

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