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a home school open house

Welcome to my Homeschool Open House! This event is being sponsored by The Homeschool Lounge If you are a homeschooler and haven't visited there before, please do stop in. It's a wonderful online place to find fellowship, encouragement within specific groups, open discussions on every topic available, and the opportunity to design your own homepage. In other words, it's a fun place to hang out!

Our family is about to begin our 23rd year of homeschooling as we open our books again this fall. With the four oldest already graduated, our school will include five students who are in first, fifth, eighth, tenth, and twelfth grade. Quite a range which keeps life interesting!

Our mainstay curriculum through the years has been A Beka as it is very thorough and uses a gradual learning system. Although it is a highly structured program, we use it more loosely through the grade school years and add other materials with it. Our handwriting program has always been A Reason for Handwriting which we really like for many reasons. We've also used a variety of materials for Bible through the years. Our high schoolers now use A Beka's DVD program which allows them to work independently. I actually enjoy sitting in on their classes once in awhile and am getting a whole more out of high school than I did way back in the 70's!

This year we're going to try adding something new into our learning - lapbooking. I think my youngest three will really enjoy lapbooking since they are very creative girls and it should be a good way to get them more interested in subjects such as history and science. I purchased the book The Ultimate Lap Book Handbook which has received outstanding reviews to begin our journey with lapbook learning.

Back when we started homeschooling there weren't a lot of curriculum choices available. Our family stayed with what worked well for us and invested in building up our materials through the years with a particular curriculum. *IF* I were to just begin our homeschooling years now, I would be very interested in using Sonlight as I think it would be a wonderful program for all ages of learners. The books used in this curriculum look amazing and I hope to add some of their books into our reading time.

Even after all these years, homeschooling continues to be an option that works well for our family. It has been well worth all the challenges through the years and I've thoroughly enjoyed being home with my kids while watching them learn and grow.

Any questions?

Enjoy this day in your garden!

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Luke said...

Sonlight does have incredible books [smile].

Keep up the great work, and may this year be the best yet!


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