Tuesday, August 11

like a chippie on a fence

There are days when I can perfectly relate to nature. Like yesterday. A bunch of barking was going on outside my bedroom window and I witnessed a typical scene in our yard which we usually call "chippie entrapment". The dogs chase the chippies until the chippies land in a safe place which could be up a tree, in a wood pile, or in their ground holes. Barking ensues. Dogs gets bored and leave. Chippie leaves.

This time the chippie ended up on the top of my garden fence above the doorway. This end of my garden is heavily covered with kiwi plant vines so the chippies commonly run into the vines and hide. This little chippie apparently climbed all the way to the top.

Dog stands below and paws at the fence barking like crazy thinking the chippie will come down. (Ya right.....)

Dog stops barking and comes out to assess the situation. The next time I looked out my window both the chippie and the dog were gone. It tends to be a short lived game in our yard.

Yesterday *I* felt like that chippie on the garden fence. I was stuck in a place that had me immobilized for most of the day. So many things were pawing for my attention that it was hard to stay focused and concentrate. The big never ending August "to do" list, waiting to hear from a son and how his plans were going to unfold, waiting for another family event to unfold at the end of the day, having writing that needed polishing, and dealing with girls who wouldn't stop fussing at each other about every little thing all day long.


"Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." ~ Lamentations 3:23

Yay for God's great love, His compassion, His faithfulness! They are new every morning!

Today is a new day and I'm off the fence! Time to scurry and get busy!

May your garden day not be spent on the fence, but filled with the freedom of knowing God's love, compassion, and faithfulness!

Tammy ~@~

*For those who don't live in our household, a *chippie* is our family's word for a chipmunk!

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