Friday, August 7

now rather than later

It's been a rather wacky week and I'm feeling way off balance.

There was no doubt that I knew it was going to be difficult coming off of last week with my total involvement in our garage sale and the knowledge of how far behind I was in my household tasks and garden. But I hadn't really factored into that difficulty the commitment of this incredibly awesome online homeschool conference.

This conference has daily filled my mornings and a bit of the afternoons which has kept me at the bare minimum completion level of household tasks. Actually, bare minimum would be an overstatement.


Yes, I know I could have downloaded these sessions later, but I also know myself well enough to realize that I will get caught up in life again and totally forget about downloading each session when they are available. So the best option was to listen NOW. Take notes NOW. Check things out online NOW. Print out handouts NOW. Get really excited about homeschooling NOW.

Which means a whole lot of other things did NOT get done NOW.


So in a few hours NOW will be over and LATER will be upon me!


I just may need a catnap as I have a feeling my LATER duties will be much bigger than anything I've been doing NOW!

Hopefully your NOW and LATER are not as wacky as mine are at the moment! LOL!

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ChiGirl said...

Your post has inspired me to nap NOW and mop LATER! Hee hee :)

mom said...

You may nap NOW as long as your realize your floor will seem BIGGER LATER! LOL!

ValleyGirl said...

Isn't that they way it works though, eh? You let things slide for one day (or 3 or 4 or 11...) and suddenly everything is completely out of control.

I think I've grown accustomed to just living amongst the chaos ~ it's easier that way!! ;)

Angela said...

I having been thinking about you alot lately, I need to sit down and write you a note. I also wanted to let you know I'm at blogspot now, I have your on my blogger list to read now-it is so nice how you can look at it right on my blog, I love that. I will send that update soon.


mom said...

Ah, yes, chaos...but I'm really trying hard to live simply and without chaos...I just can't quite get there!

{{{Angela}}} My heart stopped for a moment when I saw it was you because I've been wondering how YOU have been doing! I kept thinking that as soon as I had a moment (!) I needed to write you a note. Yes, please update me! I'll run over and check your new blog home :-)

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