Friday, August 28

one thousand and a last first

It came so quickly that I barely caught it! My one thousandth post! Woo hoo! Perhaps I should have been more organized and planned a giveaway of something or other? I mean, what do you give away for an event like that? A notebook with a fancy pen to write down future blogging topics? Hmmmm......

We've also had another big event around here and that was the loss of a tooth. Not just any tooth, let me tell you, but the FIRST tooth of my LAST child.

It's just a part of the heart tugging melancholy series I'm calling "Firsts of my Last" knowing she's the last one of my children that will experience these first things.

The tooth had been getting wiggly and I told her that before she brushed her teeth that night before bed we would take a "before" picture, pull the tooth, and then take the "after" picture. But before we ate supper she exclaimed her tooth was OUT! When we asked her if she had pulled it she said "no!" but that her top two teeth had pulled it out (she must have been gritting her teeth to feel the wiggle?). It was a very exciting moment for her and since it was a little tooth very ready to come out there was not a drop of blood involved which is very good because I don't think a band aid would work in her little mouth!

Now if only the mothers of my grandchildren can survive the coming in of teeth as I reassure them that before you know it those very teeth on their way out!

Enjoy your day!

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ChiGirl said...

It seems like such a cruel joke, eh, Ker? We work and bounce and rock and find cold things to gnaw and stay up all night and put up with all manner of crabbiness...and then they just fall out!!??

Congrats to Lovey! The first tooth is always a rite of passage. I remember mine. :)

keri said...

Ya, something is just not right with this whole tooth situation!! Although speaking of teeth, someone now has 5 teeth on the bottom!! YAY! We're getting there... finally... ;)

Little Lovey looks a lot like a certain brother of hers! Maybe a favorite brother. :) Pretty cute!!!

mom said...

Ahhhh, but did you realize that all those wonderful things you do to help your teething baby is wrapping tendrils of unconditional love around their heart from you?! It is a gift your Heavenly Father gives YOU to give to them and it'll stay with them all their life! Really :-)

Glad to hear the princess has another tooth...I see she's on my widget for this post :-)

And I looked at today's picture again and can see the resemblance to YOUR favorite brother...hee hee...

Love you both!

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