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our school days

Welcome to my entry for the Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop and this week's theme....a day in the life of your homeschool!

Funny how we've been homeschooling for a long time but some things never change in our days such as a cat actively taking a bath on someone's books or desk!

Over the years our homeschooling day has kept the same basic structure. As an early bird mom, I like to get my devotions, exercise, breakfast, and a shower out of the way before starting our school day. Once I'm all set, I make the rounds to make sure all the children are ready.

Each school day officially begins around our kitchen table around 8:30 AM when we have our devotional time. We often use a devotional study book and we include the children taking turns reading a chapter in the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible. We close our devotional time with prayer and everyone goes to their place of schooling.

The older boys are at high school level and work independently in their bedrooms at a desk with a monitor as they use a DVD curriculum. The girls work at the kitchen table for the most part, but will wander elsewhere inside or outside to do their reading subjects except on winter days. The littlest and I spend our schooling time sitting side by side at the kitchen table. Mornings tend to be the time of day that the bulk of our schooling is done. In fact, sometimes my children have often completed subjects before we do our devotional time which gives them more time in the afternoons to do other things of interest.

We typically break for lunch at 11:30 AM and our break lasts until 1 PM which gives the kids an opportunity to get outside for a bit to exercise or stay inside to do something else.

For those who still have schooling to complete such as the high schoolers, the afternoon session usually goes from 1 PM until 3 PM. That tends to be the time of day when I can help the older ones if they need it. And that's it for formal schooling for the day. The only day that tends to go later than that is Friday which is the day that I do my main school correction work.

Once done with our schooling, it's time to get supper ready and prepare for whatever evening activities our family may have planned.

Although this is the standard routine that has worked best for our family, we've had many "seasons" when our routine was disrupted and an important lesson was reinforced during those times - that even when we weren't doing school lessons we were learning important life lessons. Learning never stops. New babies every couple of years. Family vacations in different parts of the country. Flu viruses that would knock out our whole family one by one for extended times. Home remodeling - twice. Cancer diagnosed in loved ones. Death of loved ones. It was during those times that I learned what my real priorities and responsibilities were, developed the flexibility I needed, and received God's perfectly measured strength. It often meant taking off my teacher hat and just simply being mom.

Realize that your homeschool day will reflect your individuality as a family. Find what works best for you and go with it. And always ALWAYS cover your day with prayer!

If you are a homeschooling family and want to share about your homeschooling day, stop over at Darcy's Blog Hop Day-in-the-Life for all the links!

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Tina said...

Ha Ha! I reread ~ actively taking a bath! I can see him licking now :)

mom said...

You weren't entirely wrong in your conclusion, Tina. He does also NAP on their schoolbooks as well :-)

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