Friday, August 14


This morning a favorite guest told me she was going to go out for a run. Although she has done this before when visiting, she has gone with family members who know the backroads through the woods well. So, I briefly reminded her of the turns she'd need to make to do the big block around the lake and off she went.

As time passed, I realized I hadn't asked her how long she expected to be gone. It had been quite awhile and my mind immediately began thinking back to when I first met my husband and how I got lost the first few times finding and leaving this house. I mean, when you are in the middle of the woods, all trees can quite easily look the same unless you can pick up on some key landmarks among these winding roads.

So, I jumped on my bike and went down to one corner. Nothing. I turned around and went down to the other corner and there she was. Just fine. Lapping the block a few times. My concern was for naught as she was confident of her route, but I had done my job as a mother looking out for her guest and felt better.

Life can kind of be like that sometimes. We are running along on what may seem to be familiar territory until we realize we are on a new path. That happens frequently when raising a family and suddenly in the midst of our daily routine we notice we have a new path before us which could be tackling potty training, starting schooling, preparing a new driver, looking at colleges, considering weddings. And for a moment we are lost! A whispered "HELP!" and we realize God is right there and we aren't lost at all because He's been on the journey all along keeping His steadfast eye on us. Whew!

Enjoy your summer paths whether familiar or uncharted as God promises never to leave you!

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ChiGirl said...

Hmmm....did you read my email? lol

mom said...

It would apply to your email, wouldn't it? :-) No, I was thinking more about starting our schooling this year and being unable to figure out our schedule every time I sit down with the calendar. It's a lost kind of feeling as I ponder when to school and when to schedule time off. I don't know when our army boy will be home, who will be here over the holidays or college spring break, and then throw a wedding in there sometime next year. I almost feel like we should start on MONDAY so we have some flexibility through the year, but I'm afraid it would cause a revolution around here :::sigh::: So, I've been whispering a "help" or two lately!

Nezzy said...

Oh my, you have it too. Maybe it spreads to us through a computer virus of something. I don't know you but the Ozark country farm chick knows OCFD(obsessive compulsive flower disorder) when I see it. Glad I stopped by to enjoy your blog. Have a blessed evening!!!

mom said...

I am relieved to know there's a term for my condition! Hopefully there's no cure....LOL!

Nezzy said...

Hugs for dropping in for a laugh. God Bless!

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