Thursday, August 20

unseen beauty

How's this for your most interesting picture of the day? It's easy to get interesting pictures when you have interesting little girls at the end of your family who do interesting little creative activities throughout the day.

This was one of their *makeover* activities and the littlest wasn't suppose to watch what her sister was doing to beautify her nails, therefore her face was covered with scarves. I think it was hard on the littlest because she couldn't see what her sister was doing and I'd hear an "ouch!" every now and then when her sister was a little too rough on the nail cleaning or cuticle pushing processes. However, when her nails were done, she was very happy with the results and said the ouches were worth it!

Ahhh, so much like life, isn't it? God is constantly making us over and we can't see what He's doing in the process yet we know He has a plan. The word "ouch!" escapes our mind more than once, doesn't it? And yet, with hindsight how often do we see that everything God has allowed in our life was worthwhile?

So when you can't see clearly remember to trust your Creator knowing there is beauty at the end of the process!

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ChiGirl said...

::smile:: Thanks, Mom. Good post.

Love you!

Nezzy said...

Ha! It doesn't hurt as bad if you can't see it coming? Cute picture. I mowed the lawn in the rain today just because I always mow on Thursdays. Maybe I do have a problem. Have a wonderful day.

Kimmie said...

So sweet and how very patient (even with a few ouches).

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Anonymous said...

Wonderful application of this photo!

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