Saturday, September 19

the buzz in the garden

Perhaps the happiest spot in my garden is the sunflower rows. I have a variety of colors and heights that are all smiling away day after day

This time of the year as you walk by the sunflowers you can hear the buzz of the climbing bees as they get their fill of pollen. It's a busy buzzy fall garden sound.

And so it is in our household as we get busy buzzy with our schooling. The happiest part of our new school year is getting back into our morning devotional routine as my children of all varieties and heights surround the kitchen table. I've written a bit about my this favorite part of our homeschooling over at Heart of the Matter online today, so stop over to read Buzzing through God's Word

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Angie - The Arthur Clan said...

These are so incredibly beautiful Tammy. WOW!

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