Wednesday, September 2

glorious garlic

Yup, that's garlic. It may be difficult to tell by this picture, but it is a type of elephant garlic. The big boys of garlic. And I have only one word for it.....YUM!

This spring when our part time neighbor who farms in another part of the state came to check out his place and then stopped here to drop off a large bagful of asparagus, we talked about his spring plantings and somewhere in the conversation the topic of garlic came up briefly.

That garlic conversation was long forgotten by me until he stopped here last week. His garlic was done and being harvested. He remembered me in the process, so he brought along this treasure when they came up to their place.

He gave me the necessary instructions for planting it later this fall, as well as what to watch for next summer and when to harvest the bulbs. My task will be to find a place in my garden to plant it and mark it well so my husband doesn't till it under when he does the final tilling of the season.

I'm excited about this unexpected blessing in my garden!

How about you? Any unexpected blessings in your life?

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Ben said...

Whoa! Awesome garlic!

randi said...

Delightful! Garlic is one of the best flavors there is!

Unexpected blessings? Lately my relationship with my 18 year old daughter has been great. I think we have passed over some of the "junk" and we are moving onto something more mature. I consider that a HUGE blessing!

mom said...

I find it incredible to see that the topic of GARLIC brought you out to comment, Ben! LOL!

Randi, that is a HUGE blessing! I recall praying for her not too long ago when you were struggling....

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