Friday, September 18

in range of home

In March we kissed and hugged one of our sons good-bye as he headed off to Army Basic Training.

He graduated from that in July and went on to Army Airborne school.

He graduated from that in August and went on to Army Ranger training.

He graduated as an Army Ranger this morning and is currently enroute for a flight home!

Wooooo hoooo!

He will only be here for a couple of days as he arrives tonight and flies back out Monday afternoon.....but we are all so very excited that we will get this special time with him!

Thanks and all glory be to God!

Tammy ~@~


ValleyGirl said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend visit!!

Anonymous said...

Please tell him Congratulations for serving his country and for all his hard work! I am married to an Active Duty Air Force man; his dad is a Retired Army Airbourne; his father was a WWII B-24 Navigator. I have many relatives in my family who have served in the military during peace and war time. Enjoy your special weekend!

Karen said...

praying for you all this weekend...

I know it will be wonderful. (and I'll be praying for you Monday morning too.)


teachinmom said...

Tell your Ranger that I said, "thanks for serving". He has made quite an accomplishment.
Enjoy your weekend with him!

Angie - The Arthur Clan said...

Seeing that photo of him in your other post made my heart so wonderful that you got at least a few days to spend with him!

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