Wednesday, September 30

it came and it conquered

It was bound to happen sooner or later. After all, it is the very end of September.

A very hard frost grazed our wooded land.

Another is expected tonight.

I covered as much as I could in the garden last night and it's evident this morning what didn't get covered as it looks well frozen. The flowers that were already waning didn't get covered last night and are definitely done for the season. And no, I didn't take any pictures because it all looks quite pathetic!

Much garden and flowerbed work is ahead as the main clean-up begins.

And it's time. I'm ready. The gardening season is done and I'm as ready to rest from it as it is ready to rest from a season of growth.

Only the carrots will remain for a bit longer as the frost tends not to hurt them, but instead to sweeten their bite. They will come out of the garden for canning before the snow arrives.

Yes, much garden work is still ahead. And I'll get busy with it as soon as the temperatures get out of the 30's!

Enjoy your garden day whether shivery cold or warmed by the autumn sun!

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Nezzy said...

I hear ya. It was 38 here this morn' on the Ponderosa. I always dread that first killing frost that turns my gardens from green cascades of color to that ugly brownish black dead color. I literally go into mourning each year when IT happens.

Have a lovely fall day, girl!!!

randi said...

Isn't it crazy how quickly the season has changed this year? Today our temps are 30 degrees lower than yesterday. I sense it is time to dig out the sweaters!

mom said...

I don't like the ugly brown colors out in my gardens either :-p

Yes, the season did change quickly and just as quickly the calendar page was flipped. It suddenly feels late in the season and there's so much to get done yet! Yikes!

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