Tuesday, September 8

a longer linger

It can be a problem.


The dictionary definition of the word linger is tarry which doesn't necessarily have a bad connotation, but the next word does, at least for me....procrastinate.

The weather outside has been quite likely the best we've seen all summer. Sunny, in the 70's, wonderful. Day after day. Ohhhhh, we do need rain, however, our growing season is now at the harvest point and the flowers are beginning to wane, so it's nice to tarry with the windows open and our wanderings remaining outdoors.

Yet, this kind of weather does keep me tarrying outside which means procrastination on tasks inside. And I can easily justify it by saying there's one long winter ahead where we'll be stuck inside.

Plus we still have family here with some leaving this morning, some this afternoon.

Sooooo, can I linger a bit longer? I promise I won't let it turn into procrastination!

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Luke said...

I like the word "linger" ...and I think it's often a good thing: part of the "stop to smell the roses" bit. [smile]


mom said...

I'm hoping I don't stop and smell the roses too long. I just looked at the weather forecast and we are suppose to continue with the sunny and upper 70's into next week! We haven't had this kind of warm weather all summer, so it's very hard to want to do anything indoors right now....

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