Tuesday, September 22

never enforcing

Leaving you with a good quote this morning as we still have some family here who will be leaving this morning and then we'll have to work on getting our house back together as we attempt to get back on track with our routine and daily life. I've given up on the whole back to normal thing anymore! There is no such thing as NORMAL! LOL! (Right, Karen?)


"Our Lord never enforces obedience; He does not take means to make me do what He wants. At certain times I wish God would master me and make me do the thing, but He will not; in other moods I wish He would leave me alone, but He does not." ~ Oswald Chambers

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Nezzy said...

I chuckle as I think of the Ben Franklin quote that fish and family go bad in three days! I'm sure you enjoyed their visit but isn't it always good to get back to normal.

Isn't it wonderful that God gave us the freedom to choose Him? Have a great one and God bless!!!

Karen said...

Normal? (snort!) We love living on the edge of our seats, don't we?

I hope your weekend with family was wonderful! Enjoy the last of summer, girl. (then we'll enjoy the beauty of autumn and convince ourselves that there's nothing as beautiful as winter. At least til spring comes...=D )

Angie - The Arthur Clan said...

How wonderful to have family with you again! And what a lovely reminder to us all...thank you for sharing that.

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