Wednesday, September 16

a pink thirteen



Thirteen years ago today!

It's hard to believe that it was thirteen years ago that one sister was ecstatic and five brothers were mesmerized by the sight of baby pink in our house. Arriving at just under ten pounds, this sweet little girl charmed us all with her easy going personality and smiles which is still who she is today :-)

Happy 13th birthday, my sweet brown eyed girl!

Tammy ~@~

P.S. This is a rare photo on my blog because my boys do not want their pictures on mom's blog. Ever. Hee hee....I think I can get away with this one!

P.S.S. I totally forgot that once upon a time I had a WHITE bedspread on my bed! WHAT WAS I THINKING?! I remember how often I had to wash it because of all the bed jumpers! Perhaps I should go through my old photo albums more often because I'm sure I'd find a LOT of things from back then which I've forgotten about....

P.S.S.S. This brings us back up to three teenagers in the house! Yay!


keri said...

P.S.S.S.S.-which brother was NOT mesmerized?? You said that only FOUR were... ;)

mom said...

Ohhhh my goodness! At least someone can count in our family, eh? LOLOL! I have corrected my error :-)

Love you!

ChiGirl said...

LOLOL!!! Now that's funny!

Love this picture Mom! I've never really thought of the dynamic for Ker all those years being the ONLY girl.

Good thing the b-day gal was a rather low maintenance babay...I can't imagine chasing and managing all those little boys with a high needs baby!!! =:-O

mom said...

Yup, being the only girl meant having a room to herself PLUS turning out to be very athletic as she had to keep up with those boys.

And you know those boys! Certainly was a crazy busy time of life! This sweet pink baby was the total opposite of the sister that followed her who WAS a high needs baby. I'm guessing your husband doesn't remember much of that though as he left for college that summer....

Love you!

Chris Worthy said...

I'm sorry, I can't get past the "almost ten pounds" part of that post. :)

mom said...

LOL, Chris! She was my biggest baby, but also one of my easiest and one of my favorite labors :-) Hard to believe she's so grown up already!

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