Friday, September 25

the september of oh nine

A little fairy told me....

Okay, so maybe she really isn't a little fairy and maybe she didn't really tell me, BUT....

.....I've heard that this glorious amazing simply wonderful summer weather we've had all month when it was suppose to be fall-like September crisp is

We've had a difficult month adjusting to a fall schedule because of this weather since our summer weather was not summer weather. It was cool from June through August and I constantly had a sweatshirt on to stay warm. Then suddenly it changed to warm sunny upper 70's when September came and my sweatshirts were put away. The windows in the house have stayed open day and night. The children don't go to bed early for school in the morning because it feels like we are on a summer schedule of staying up later. Each day the sunshine beckoned us away from indoor tasks to walk out the door to enjoy our favorite outdoor tasks.

It is

This morning when I went left the house to exercise, the well blended bright sunny woods did not greet me. Instead it was foggy and gray which made the individual colors of trees POP before my eyes as I drove down the road. When did all that happen?

The lifting fog is to reveal a day in which cloudiness moves in and a chance of rain follows it as the temperatures begin their drop down to more seasonal numbers.

It is

And I'll always remember this as the perfect September of oh nine!

I hope that September in your garden has been just as delightful!

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ValleyGirl said...

Sounds like our weather has been almost identical this year. We've needed the A/C more this month than all the summer months combined!! It got up to 90F here yesterday!!!! Very bizarre. But I'll take it. It's been awesome to be able to enjoy this kind of weather finally. Too bad my kids are in public school and have been missing out a little!

Kimmie said...


Glad you enjoyed it and snuck in some extra summer for your family.

I have already had to start breaking for squirrels (we call it *Nut Mania* at our house)...a sure sign of fall arriving and God's creatures preparing for those cold wintry days ahead.

Kimmie said...

oops, guess I should be braking for the squirrels and not breaking for the squirrels, right.

sorry, I was thinking about no more warm days.


Angie - The Arthur Clan said...

I am so in love with that photo Tammy...very, very pretty!

mom said...

Wow, are you sending those 90's here, Tammi?

Oh goodness, Kimmie! LOLOL! When I read the "breaking" and "Nut Mania", I thought perhaps you were so sweet and kind to actually crack the nuts for the squirrels to make their lives easier! Yes, we do a lot of braking for squirrels, too, and I always check my rear view mirror to see if they scampered into the woods on time.

Angie, I did a series of these pictures of my little fairy and loved them...until I downloaded them and realized that once again I'm pretty clueless about considering *light*. Her face is darkened with shadow in each one :::sigh::: I'm afraid I'll never do well in the photography world....

Tammy ~@~

Sydney said...

What a sweet little fairy! She is a cutie!

I think September has been hotter than August and I'm ready for a little cooler weather. Not that the weather varies all that much in Hawaii, but I like 80 degrees with a nice breeze better than today's 86 with no trade winds.

I miss a crisp fall day.

anywho - thanks for stopping by my blog-o!

wendy said...

Oh, no! I am using the wrong google account! Yipes. That note about Hawaii was from me, Wendy!

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