Thursday, September 10

a simple cup of kindness

My husband makes the best cup of coffee around! He has no special formula for making it so wonderful as it seems to be more of an *eyeing it up* kind of process. As I walk into the kitchen after exercising in the mornings, I always head right to the coffee pot for my first cup of coffee. Mmmmmmm! Even more special was being recently blessed to find a note on the coffee maker. Awwww, that simple act of kindness made me smile all day long and the post-it note is now stuck on my desk.

Think of ways you can bless others in your garden today with a simple act of kindness!

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Luke said...

My wife has a sticky that I jotted down for her years ago. Thanks for the reminder that it can be really simply things that brighten another's day.


mom said...

Yay, Luke!

When we went through the Love and Respect Bible study a couple of years ago, it was amazing to hear about all the interesting little things wives had kept through the years that had been given to them by their husbands. I don't think husbands have any idea how powerful those interesting little things say LOVE to their wives!

Nezzy said...

It is amazing how big little acts of kindness can be. I still stick notes in Hubby's lunch box, overnight bag....etc.

I also enjoy doin' little things for strangers I come in contact with. Just gives me a little cheer!

Enjoy your day and God bless your weekend!

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