Thursday, September 3

sitting with a friend

"There is a great difference between having 'company' and having a friend in the house. The friend we can treat as a member of the family, but company must be entertained." ~ A.W. Tozer

This is a recent favorite picture of mine of my youngest son and his best buddy way up in a tree. The picture is zoomed in and honestly I almost didn't see them up there because there were quietly sitting in camouflage. They've been buddies since they were both little guys and we think of this best friend as one of the brothers since he blends into our family. An example would be this summer when he worked with my husband and boys on a landscaping job. Each morning when he got dropped off here, he'd go in the kitchen to see what there was for breakfast, make his sandwiches for lunch, and head to the mudroom to find a pair of work boots that would fit him. He knows our family lingo and on overnights will sleep on the floor by our dog as he did the first day that dog came home as a puppy. Yup, a friend who is family.

"The more perfect our friendship with God becomes, the simpler our lives will be. Those formalities that are so necessary to keep a casual friendship alive may be dispensed with when true friends sit in each other's presence. True friends trust each other.

God is not satisfied until there exists between Him and His people a relaxed informality that requires no artificial stimulation. The true friend of God may sit in His presence for long periods of silence. Complete trust needs no words of assurance." ~ A.W. Tozer

Growing up my understanding of God was of some faraway person who lived in Heaven. It was a relationship based more on fear as this God stayed distant. Yet one of my favorite hymns growing up was "What a Friend We Have in Jesus". It was hard to comprehend the combination of a distant God and a friendly Jesus.

Yet when I made a profession of faith almost twenty-five years ago accepting Jesus as my Savior and having His Word opened up to my heart, my understanding of who God was changed. A friendly Jesus introduced me to a loving God who is always present in my life. As the years have passed since that time, He has proven Himself trustworthy over and over again as I take time to to sit in His presence. And I'm thankful that He still loves me even when I get wiggly during those long periods of silence as I learn to completely trust Him in all things!

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