Friday, September 11

swimming through september

Our family has been greatly enjoying the summer that never came until September. We are thriving in temperatures that get into the upper 70's each day and sleep well with cooler fall temperatures at night. This weather has also meant a longer season of swimming which is something the kids didn't do much of all summer because high temperatures stayed in the 60's.

We have been blessed through the years to own a piece of property across the street on a beautiful lake with a sandy beach and shallow beach waters for our littles. When we walked down there yesterday I finally remembered to bring my camera along to record how far down our water levels are as our severe drought continues.

It's hard to believe that the water at the point where my littlest is standing used to be slightly under the dock. You could sit at the end of the dock and dangle your feet into the water. Because of the current shallowness it's recommended that NO ONE dive off the end of the dock anymore.

The lake water used to come all the way to the right of this picture going slightly under the main dock. This entire beach area was all sand, but as the water has slowly been disappearing grass has grown up. The area between the grass line and the water line is how far the lake water level has dropped just this past summer.
The kids used to be able to jump anywhere off the dock and land in water, but now it's a long sandy dock to run down to find the only jumping-in water available at the end.

But all is not lost. The older ones can still swim out to the raft where the panfish who love to nibble on you lounge underneath and the younger ones can play in the sugar sand of the shoreline.

With the weather forecasted to stay like this into next week, we anticipate taking advantage of more days of swimming to the raft and playing in the sand. And with this enjoyment comes our continued prayers for RAIN!

May you find unexpected delights in your September garden!

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Kimmie said...

You are brave (well, maybe not you but your littles) to be swimming in water that never really got warmed up.

Panfish-hmm, I've never heard them called that. Is that an actual kind or just a name for the local lake fish you catch and fry up?

Have a nice weekend friend.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

mom said...

Ahhh, my kids don't mind the cold water...I watch from the shoreline in a lawn chair like a good mother :-)

Panfish are those small fishies - think sunfish? does that sound familiar to your neck of the woods? - that will come for bread crumbs at the end of the dock or nibble on you when you are on the ladder of the raft.

Mrs. E. said...

Hasn't this weather been awesome! We even went to the park tonight. Glad to see you are enjoying some beach time. I didn't realize the water was THAT low. THose pictures really show it!

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