Wednesday, September 9

time to power up

At Curves this morning at the end of her workout, one of the gals went to the computer to check how she did as she uses the Smart Curves program which monitors your progress on each machine. Once again she was frustrated because she consistently does poorly on the first machine no matter which machine she uses first. As we talked about it, we thought that as she starts it perhaps takes her that first machine to warm up a bit. Maybe she needed to really jump on the first machine and attack it! Give it her all! Beat it up a bit! We even suggested calling the nearest TV station to film her getting on the first machine and she could wear the "CURVES is not for sissies" shirt as she worked out mightily. The discussion was enough to make us all giggle a bit as we left for our day.

As I thought about it on my short drive home, it reminded me of what happens with my devotional time through the summer months. You'd think it would really flourish each morning as my schedule opens up, but what happens instead is that it dwindles. Too many other things seem to get me going on my day or there's multiple interruptions such as a husband who gets up early to go to work or there's too much noise in my household later on in the day when I try to make some progress. Instead of being charged with spiritual power during the summer, I get a weak start and remain on low maintenance.

Ahhhh, but summer is over. The lingering is subsiding. I sense an aggressive return back to God's Word. With school back on track our mornings begin with a devotional time as we work through the Bible. New Bible studies will begin Sunday mornings at church. Tonight we will begin hosting a Bible study as we will present the intro to The Truth Project complete with perfect weather for a campfire. Plus I recently talked to a friend who led our early morning Bible study as she wondered if it was time to get going on a new study. Ohhh, no one needs to call the local TV station to film this return to power, but perhaps it would be fun to wear a shirt that says "God's Word is not for sissies", eh?

"Great is our LORD and mighty in power...." ~ Psalm 147:5a

May you tap into that power today as you walk through your garden!

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Chris Worthy said...

I feel the same way! I am so looking forward to the end of our Bible study's summer hiatus. :) I really need that accountability.

mom said...

Yes, accountability is a very good thing!

I found out later in the day that our early morning women's Bible study is going to be on the book of Habakkuk. I read through it last night and I have to believe it will be not only interesting, but also timely for living in today's world.

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