Tuesday, September 29

the yum of fall

Absolutely no doubt about it....fall is actually here! It roared in on the wind yesterday and has chilled the woods around me. It was quite a temperature difference to walk out the door early this morning compared to the past few weeks leaving the house at the same time. Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

And it was quite a temperature difference to walk back into the house an hour later. It felt toasty warm! I thought it was from having all the windows closed up now, but my husband set me straight within moments. Just a matter of testing out the furnace to make sure all the lines were working well on both levels. I should have known that since accompanying that warmth was the dusty smell of heat running through all the registers that haven't been used since early last spring. Guess I have another project to add to my long list....dusting.

Yes, fall is here. Another sign is APPLES! Yesterday was spent peeling LOTS of apples for applesauce. They are "seconds" from our farmer neighbor which means they may have some odd spots on them which is easy enough to remedy as I peel them. Unfortunately the "seconds" category also means they are often odd shapes and sizes which means they won't work well in my wonderful Pampered Chef peeler thingy so each apple needs to be hand peeled. My kids were scooping applesauce out of the pan while it was still cooking which kept me busy peeling to keep up with their applesauce eating. Is there anything more wonderful than warm chunky applesauce on a cold blustery day? YUM!

At the end of my applesauce making for the day, I put some applesauce away in a container to use this morning for another fall favorite - baked oatmeal. I don't think we've had that since last winter as it does taste the best on cool mornings and it tastes even better with fresh applesauce on top. YUM again!

The next task was making a quick dash out to the garden to gather all the ripened tomatoes to make a fresh batch of chili for supper last night. Am I allowed to say YUM again?

While the chili was simmering away on the stovetop, I peeled even more apples as I'm also on the hunt for a new apple crisp recipe. The one I made last night had a crust in the bottom which was a nice change. It's a recipe I'd have to tweak a tad bit for our family and I made notes on the bottom of the recipe in case I get back to trying it. I'll let you know which recipe wins the contest once we've tried several. Of course, as often happens around here, I may end up going back to our original recipe as the favorite.

Whew! With all the standing and peeling I did yesterday, I'm looking forward to a little more sitting and coffee sipping. Can I suggest a wonderful activity while doing that? Heart of the Matter Online is hosting a Carnival of Homeschooling today. There are a multitude of links to follow on a wide range of topics. Go check it out!

Enjoy this fall day in your garden no matter what your activity may be!

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teachinmom said...

that sounds so yummy :)

mom said...

It is! Take a break from your schooling, Debbie, and make some applesauce! :-)

Tammy ~@~

Kimmie said...

Now I am hungry. Hmm, we've never had baked oatmeal with our without yogurt...sounds yummy!

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Serendipity is Sweet said...

Great post. I bet your house smelled so sweet :D

mom said...

Mmmmm, yogurt on top would taste good, too!

Apples - with a bit of cinnamon - does give the house a wonderful fall aroma! I wish I could keep up making it as fast as they eat it around here. Sheesh!

Tammy ~@~

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